Program Overview

The first 30 days you will follow a rigid, daily schedule structured to enable you to come under authority and discipline, which contrasts markedly from your former lifestyle.  You will be given regular, nutritious meals along with recreation and work therapy in order to build up your physical body.  You will live with other students and learn to overcome bad personal habits and control your emotional problems.   You will study the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and, in doing so, be confronted with people who care for you and love you as an individual.  You will begin to understand there is a God who loves you and wants to help you learn to live a life far different from the old one.  You will receive counseling to promote growth spiritually, emotionally, and socially.  Satisfactory completion of this phase is required before advancement to the Transformation phase.

This phase is the next six months.  The primary goal is to build Christian character into your life and make you aware of basic biblical principles that lead to living a successful life.  The weekly schedule provides individual and group study classes, group and one-on-one counseling, application of Christian principles, personal adjustments, and other practical topical studies, such as money management and goal setting.  You are encouraged to make future plans through which you can re-enter society.  Satisfactory completion of this phase is required before you are eligible to graduate. 

Marriage Restoration Program
After successfully completing two months, a Marriage and Family Restoration Program is available for married students and their wives.  Wives are invited to spend one weekend per month in separate facilities which have been set aside for couples wishing to participate together in this special program.

When you have successfully completed all the Transformation phases you are eligible for graduation. 

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