June 2024 Newsletter

We are excited to share about the outreach that took place on our campus in May. See how we shared Christ with our community!

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May 2024 Newsletter

Jeff Martinez graduated in December 2013, and here we share his testimony and update since graduating. We are so thankful for how he continues to volunteer in this ministry.

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April 2024 Newsletter

John Southard graduated in September of 2022, and here we share a letter we received late February this year from John’s Mom, Debbie.

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March 2024 Newsletter

Tim Valdez shares a beautiful redemption story. Another wonderful reminder of God’s goodness and restoration power when we surrender to Him.

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February 2024 Newsletter

We are celebrating the life of a brother, and graduate of GPATC, Nick Lenna, after his sudden passing from a heart attack on December 24, 2023.

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January 2024 Newsletter

We celebrate our graduates and lives changed through Christ in 2023 and look forward to all that lies ahead in 2024!

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December 2023 Newsletter

Encouraging follow up from Matt Lee, 2018 graduate of Teen Challenge whose testimony was in November Newsletter, and his wife, April, on how God did the impossible in their marriage.

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November 2023 Newsletter

Matt Lee, 2018 graduate of Teen Challenge, shares how God changed his life when he experienced a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

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October 2023 Newsletter

Daniel Davenport, 2021 graduate of Teen Challenge, shares encouragement to get back up and serve God, even if you experience setbacks.

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September 2023 Newsletter

It’s been 12 years since Kevin Pagan graduated from Teen Challenge. Hear his update and what amazing things God has done in his life!

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