November 2021 Newsletter


This Fall we are featuring David Sabra. This is the testimony of an extremely gifted, intelligent, and anointed young man who fell into a trap of addiction. If it can happen to David, it can happen to anyone. A young man who found himself with no hope, BUT GOD. Yes, like so many hundreds and hundreds of men, David found deliverance and freedom through Jesus Christ. Please sit down with a cup of tea and read David’s testimony. Rejoice with us for what God has done, and please send in a special banquet donation for the ministry that God has been using for almost fifty years to help set men free. Our funds have been low and we need your generous donations at this time of the year. God bless you. Now, here’s David! …Read More Below!

View the Greater Piedmont Teen Challenge Newsletter for November of 2021, there is also the option to download in PDF format.

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